Friday, October 19, 2012


Here are a few pics of the interior as we found it.

Here is the interior after we removed all the garbage.

I'm not sure yet if we are going to try scrubbing it and making repairs or if we're going to do a full gut job and restore on it. Normally I would just go the gut job route but I'd really like to get it in working shape to camp in it. I'm doing a full gut-restore on the Spartan so that's taking most of my time for now.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

63 Shasta

Back in August I found a '47 Spartan Manor on Craigslist. I made the drive to northern North Carolina and picked it up.

While I was getting the camper ready I happened to look over and see a blue and white Shasta up on a hill behind the PO's house. I asked her about it and it turns out she would sell it as well.

I bought it and just the other day made the long trip back to pick it up.

I have cleaned out the interior and will post pics of that soon.